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Short artist statement:
This is the second round of this ongoing series that initially started in 2015.

Generally queerness is thought of, or limited to, what goes on in one's bedroom. The bedroom as a private space then turns into a public space. Growing up in a traditional and conservative family, the domestic space was one where the femme energy was centered in. As a gender non conforming person, I'm navigating this notion of space and culture....femme and masculine energies...looking for a type of balance. Because, willingly or not, my queerness is mostly relegated to my sexuality. As a Xicanx, my multifaceted self gets diminished, or in most extreme cases, exoticized and commodified by those with power. Empowerment through the complexities of being and not...transforming what I know, what I knew, and obliterating the idea of one way of being. This series explores all these notions of self.

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